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Eyelash Extensions: Your eyes can be graced with lovely, luscious lashes, and it’s easy! Mink Lash Extensions are a comfortable, luxurious way to add length, volume, and intensity to your eyelashes. Say goodbye to spending hours on your eye makeup. For flawless, full eyes, try one of Babe’s soft, supple Mink Lash options.

These lash extensions look and feel completely natural. Each lash is attached with medical grade glue that is designed especially for eyelashes. Lash extensions last up to 2 months with proper care.

                        Your lashes. Longer.  
Babe Lash is a luxury eye cosmetic brand committed to inviting every woman to indulge in the health and beauty of her natural eyelashes. Our unique cosmetic eye line will deliver dramatic results and dramatic reactions, with products that will love her lashes before she does. All Babe Lash cosmetics are formulated with ingredients complementary to those in the Serum. They are intended to function as a cosmetic team to deliver visible results in just four weeks.

GrandeLASH Eyelash Growth Stimulator:  GrandeLASH Eyelash Stimulator gives you longer, fuller lashes in less time than other eyelash growth products. Within four to six weeks, GrandeLASH gives you more lush, darker lashes with their unique no-salt, non-irritating lash conditioner. Physician formulated and clinically tested, Grandelash is safe for even the most sensitive eyes.
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    Proof is

              Message from the owner of The Gallery Salon:
       I've been using this product for almost a year now.  These pictures are the results I had after about four months of use.  I was very sceptical about it, and so before I purchased the product to retail it out, I tried it.  After one month, I knew there was some difference, but I mean to tell the fourth month, it was WOW!  I'm sure I'll forever use it because I love having crazy, long lashes!!
It truely is a fabulous product and all our clients that have used it, have also seen great results.
                                                           Betty Saar
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