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We now carry Mirabella Cosmetics!!  Here's a little information about this great line!

Liquid and Powder Mineral Foundation
It's your skin, perfected! Mirabella foundations glide onto skin hiding imperfections and creating a flawless base for the rest of your look. With clean ingredients and lightweight finishes, Mirabella formulas let your natural beauty shine through.
Giving women the options they love, Mirabella mineral foundation is available in two main categories:
  • Powder foundation – Our light mineral foundation is available in power form for easy, flawless application anywhere at any time. Enabling women to create just the right look, our gluten free* makeup line includes powder foundation highlighters, bronzers, concealers and finishing powder.
  • Liquid foundation – When more robust coverage is desired to create a flawless look, Mirabella’s liquid foundation serves to create the perfect canvas.  Our Skin Tint Creme is mineral-based, using a water-gel formula that glides on and dries quickly. With 14 shades available, it creates a silky, luminescent finish for women of all color.
To ensure a perfect look every time, our gluten free*, paraben free line also includes concealer and a clear formula primer that serves as the perfect base for any Mirabella foundation.

Mineral Eye Shadow and Stunning Eye Makeup for Sale
If the eyes are the windows to the soul, artistically applied professional makeup is the light that lets them shine. Explore Mirabella’s complete collection of mineral eye shadow, eyeliner and other head-turning products to find just the right combination to suit your personal style.
Mirabella’s mineral eye makeup line is gluten and paraben free. Many formulations are designed especially to nourish and replenish the skin to create glowing looks that last as long as you do.
Our salon-quality line of eye makeup includes such selections as:
  • Mineral eye shadow – Whether you want to create a bold, glamorous look for a night on the town or girl-next door natural suits your style more perfectly, the selection of color and finishes found in our mineral eye shadow line will not disappoint. Talc and paraben free, this extensive line of colors offers a variety of options from pigments that deliver shimmer and shine to those that create a perfect matte look.
  • Mascara – With rich colors that glide on easily thanks to a gel base, our paraben-free, dye-free mascara was created especially to ensure no itching, flaking or burning during application.
  • Eyeliner – When well-defined lines are a must, so too is a colored eye pencil that glides on smoothly, creating a precise look. That’s the case with all six shades in Mirabella’s paraben-free eyeliner line.
  • Magic Marker Eyeliner – Sometimes bolder is just better, and when that’s the case our Magic Market Eyeliner is up for the job. This liner offers the beautiful looks of liquid, simplified for long-lasting wear.
Ready to bat those lashes and turn a few heads? Just explore Mirabella’s entire eye collection for the products and colors you need to create perfect  looks.

Mineral Lipstick from Mirabella Beauty - Shop for the Best
What’s the easiest way to update your look? A simple swipe of beautiful lipstick will do the trick. Find your signature shade from the wide range offered from Mirabella. Go from day to night in one easy step by finding your perfect shade of red. More of a neutral girl? Feel pretty in a soft pink? Experiment, have fun and live it up with your lips!
Like all of our products, Mirabella lipstick is formulated with the good health of your skin in mind. Many of our formulations include antioxidants and anti-aging properties to help your lips stay smooth and supple no matter what shade you choose.
Here are just a few of our products formulated especially for the lips:
  • Colour Vinyl Lipstick – This Mirabella lipstick line features a paraben and gluten free gel formula that lasts 10 hours. It delivers full lipstick coverage with super shine technology for a luminous look. With its intense moisture and antioxidant properties, it rejuvenates the lips with every application.
  • Colour Luxe Lip Gloss– Mirabella lip gloss delivers maximum shine with a light-reflecting shimmer. With this vitamin-enriched formula, it moisturizes and nourishes while deliver a great look that lasts.
  • Lip Definer – Creating a perfect base for lip gloss formulas and lipstick color. This paraben and lead free formula does just that and is available in six different colors.
Crafting stunning looks at home and on the go is easy when Mirabella lipstick is included in the mix. Be sure to explore our entire collection for the lips to create just the right look to express your personality.



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