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GrandeLASH Eyelash Growth Stimulator

GrandeLASH Eyelash Stimulator gives you longer, fuller lashes in less time than other eyelash growth products. Within four to six weeks, GrandeLASH gives you more lush, darker lashes with their unique no-salt, non-irritating lash conditioner. Physician formulated and clinically tested, GrandeLASH is safe for even the most sensitive eyes.

"The proof is in the puddin'!"

A Message From the Owner:

These pictures are the results I had after about four months of use. I was very sceptical about it and so before I purchased the product to sell, I had to try it. After one month, I knew there was some difference but after the fourth month... it was WOW! I'm sure I'll forever use it because I love having crazy, long lashes! It truly is a fabulous product and all of our clients that have used it, have also seen great results.

- Betty Saar

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